Just Keep Swimming

It’s been a few weeks, but as my last post suggested, contrary to the title, I am NOT a quitter. I am simply lacking skills of priority and time management. I struggled in school and I struggle now. Doesn’t mean that I can’t get better. I was going through some mixed emotions over the past […]

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I am a Quitter

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been MIA from this blog for the past few weeks. Everything has a reason behind it. Looking at the title, this post may not be what you think it’s about. I am not quitting the blog. Don’t be absurd for thinking that. I gave myself […]

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Be Here Tomorrow, My Thoughts.

Suicide. Just writing that word down gives me chills and makes me wonder why such an evil and cruel idea exists. It seems like so many people see or hear that word and someone may come into their head that has done the dreadful act. Those words have probably gone through the thoughts of a […]

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