Illusion of Security

“A lock on a door simply provides the illusion of security. A thief can still bypass the lock and get into a house.” I figured that this week’s post would be fun to start off with a quote. I was scrolling through many of the things I have written down in Google Keep, one of […]

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Bread of Life

  In Jesus’ ministry, he makes a lot of claims of who he is. These claims such as; I am the door (John 10:7), I am the true vine (John 15:1), etc., show the character of, not only, Jesus, but of God. Reading them at a first glance doesn’t always make sense, but that is […]

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Saved from Success

As a recent college graduate, it’s easy to fall into people’s expectations. You stop looking towards what professors and mentors have to say about passing your classes and possibly sticking with good grades. It’s easy to conform to the expectations and standards of the “real” world, which includes those who have traveled any longer distance […]

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Words I am Avoiding.

I was writing a blog post last week and I was ecstatic at the progress I began to make. I was confident of the stories I was putting together and my excitement began to flourish at the thought of you reading it. I stopped writing and thought I would finish it another time. Moments later […]

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