Saved from Success

As a recent college graduate, it’s easy to fall into people’s expectations. You stop looking towards what professors and mentors have to say about passing your classes and possibly sticking with good grades. It’s easy to conform to the expectations and standards of the “real” world, which includes those who have traveled any longer distance […]

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Words I am Avoiding.

I was writing a blog post last week and I was ecstatic at the progress I began to make. I was confident of the stories I was putting together and my excitement began to flourish at the thought of you reading it. I stopped writing and thought I would finish it another time. Moments later […]

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Turn Down the Noise

How thankful can we be when we are able to breathe after an overwhelming day? We all need a moment to catch our breath when our mind is rambling and tripping over itself because it’s told to run left and right and left and left and right. You get the idea. I recently graduated and […]

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Volunteering or Discipleship

I had a buddy ask me what I thought of volunteering and discipleship. These are two aspects we will be involved in many times without realizing it. Any form of community and fellowship can turn into either avenue. But what my friend wanted to know is if I knew the difference between the two. 

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Underoath is Over Their Oath

Disclaimer: This post contains language not suitable for most readers (i.e. cuss/swear words). Also, this is a rant, which you will not see me doing frequently. You have been warned! Last week, many metalheads were surprised at the announcement of new material from the post-hardcore band, Underoath. I can speak for many of their fans […]

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What am I Reading in 2018?

I’m always intrigued by reading more and more books. I am not the avid reader that you might expect and I don’t do it as much as I’d like to. There is another content creator talking about the books that he is reading this year and it caused me to want to do the same. I […]

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Be Here Tomorrow, My Thoughts.

Suicide. Just writing that word down gives me chills and makes me wonder why such an evil and cruel idea exists. It seems like so many people see or hear that word and someone may come into their head that has done the dreadful act. Those words have probably gone through the thoughts of a […]

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