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UNFLTRD  |  adjective  |  \ ˌən-ˈfil-tərd \

As a growing, Bible-believing, Jesus follower, I think we all go through bumps, inclines, and declines on the road called, “life”. It’s not unusual to say we struggle with what we believe in and how we are to believe. These moments are more common than we think and we could observe that by reading the comment sections of many “Christian” pages. People long for a day where everything makes sense and it seems that the more we seek, the more people may find themselves hopeless and alone.  I have felt alone at times. I’m sure you have believed that no one out there is going through the same emotions you are. We all find ourselves in places where we tell ourselves that no one will understand or comprehend the ideas and thoughts that run through our brains. I think that these times of doubt will happen and they can potentially be healthy (I’ll get to this below).

In my unraveling, or deconstruction, of faith, I began to write many of these ideas down. Some are very absurd than others, but I later decided that there should not be a reason to hide any of it. I began to talk to friends about these thoughts and ideas. I began to find people online with similar ideologies and it made me feel more comfortable than ever before. In all of this processing, I had one question: “What does the Bible say about this?”

The most important part of deconstructing your faith is to return to some form of reconstruction.

I’ve realized that many people get stuck in a ditch by asking so many questions and never actually sitting down and answering them. This comes from thoughtful research or welcoming conversations with someone, whether you know them personally or not.

As hard as it is to believe, in my reconstruction, I found out that the Bible truly does have many answers to the questions we create (as absurd as they may be, too).

This site came from those ideas and trying to find a place to let go of any filters culture places upon us. Being UNFLRD means saying things that people may question, but being honest about how you feel. To not say anything is the most painful thing you could do to yourself because you are holding back from having someone say, “I feel that, too.” As I said, having doubts can be healthy, but only if you give yourself a voice. This does not mean to start your own blog like me (but you can). It means finding another individual and speaking what goes through your head… even if those thoughts seem embarrassing or scary.

What will I find in this blog?

This blog will not have the most controversial posts or topics but will have whatever goes through my head in my continual, growing relationship with God. Sometimes I will turn my face from Him. Sometimes, I will scream at Him. And sometimes, I will ask Him for a shoulder to cry on. Take away any filter because God wants you to be as real and honest as you can be… He already knows what you’re hiding, anyway.

So, as cheesy as this may sound, come along on this journey and don’t be afraid to be UNFLTRD.

P.S. I’ll finish by saying that there is no special meaning behind the lack of vowels in the name. I liked how it looked and I thought it would be different and unique compared to any other time you would see the word on a different site.