God is Not for You.

So, I recently had my Instagram account hacked. I used it one night and the following morning, I couldn’t log into my account. I thought my account was deactivated, but a friend later showed me that it still existed, just under a different username. The hacker changed the username, profile picture, email address and disconnected any access I had to the account. And to make it worse, Instagram support lacks communication with account holders. They wouldn’t let me know if they were able to help me and they wouldn’t answer a lot of my questions.

Long story, short, I was able to gain access to my account again and everything is fine and dandy, now. During this time of waiting, I was, not only confused as to why someone would want to steal my profile but frustrated that nothing was being resolved for the longest time. I was really unhappy. I hate to sound like a baby, but this was happening during a season where I felt like I was in a depressing rut due to some other complications in my life.


Perfect timing

Over the past couple of weeks, I also had a video on my “watch later” list on YouTube that I finally got to watching a few days ago. It was one of those moments that you realize was God’s timing as it came when I most needed it. It was a sermon message by a pastor from a very unknown church. He isn’t well known and I don’t normally listen to him. He goes by the name of Matt Chandler and he is the lead pastor at the Village church somewhere in Texas (Dallas, I think).

Okay… hopefully, you know I am joking.

In this particular message, he wasn’t speaking at his church or at any other church in the state of Texas. He was invited to speak by Steven Furtick, another big pastor at Elevation church.

I will link the video sermon from 2012 below as well as another video that explains the background of the sermon and some controversy between the two pastors. This video by Tim Challies was the exigency of watching the sermon, so I hope you get something out of it, too.


I’ll summarize the message by saying that, as the title suggests, Matt Chandler wants to remind us that God is for God. God is for God and not for us. Everything that he created was not to worship us or to cause us any happiness, but for His worship, alone. Where we DO begin to confuse scripture is that God did want us to find joy in everything that He created and everything that He does for us. God’s priority is not that I end the day happier than the day before. He, as Psalms 23:1 says, wants us to be without want, or need. Everything that he lets happen is for His glory and namesake. Chandler does contribute his claims with countless verses in the Old and New Testament that read how God is for God.


God does not work in Customer Service.

Chandler accuses mankind for being selfish and incorrectly thinking that we deserve better. Why are we getting mad in traffic if it’s not about us. That also made me question why I became frustrated over my Instagram account if it’s not about me. God does not work in customer service for us to think that we are right and deserve better. Who are we to demand God or really anyone to make us right and give us what we think we deserve. We shouldn’t accuse God of anything He apparently didn’t do or didn’t do correctly.

In his message, Chandler reminds us that the Apostle Paul shipwrecked three times (2 Corinthians 11:25) and after one of those times, he was bitten by a snake (Acts 28:1-10). Paul did not scream at God or question His “actions”. He continued to serve God and speak the Gospel, that Jesus came to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins and that he continues to live after rising from the dead. Paul’s case, even though it’s an extreme, should serve as a great example and pattern for us to follow… especially if we are getting frustrated over the little things.

I want to remind you many times that no matter what we go through, God is not here for you or me, but for Himself. We are not the center of the universe. He is and His will is greater than our own!


God is Love, so rest.

Even though God is not for us, that does not mean that He does not love us. He sacrificed His only begotten son for you. It is really hard to have a family member, let alone a child, die for everybody in your apartment complex or neighborhood. That was the ultimate sacrifice. God’s love and sacrifice are what should provide us with joy. It can become so exhausting when we make it about ourselves, too. If we are only thinking about how we can become happy and not simply joyful, it will be very difficult for us to live. And maybe that is the reason why you or I am not happy and restless at this very moment.

Have you made things around you about yourself? How many “I’s” are there in your response to why you are not happy?


God is not in the Customer Service, so why should I think that I am always right?

I decided to create a new Instagram account solely for the blog! I’d appreciate it if you followed @Unfltrd.blog


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