Illusion of Security

“A lock on a door simply provides the illusion of security. A thief can still bypass the lock and get into a house.”

I figured that this week’s post would be fun to start off with a quote. I was scrolling through many of the things I have written down in Google Keep, one of my note-taking apps. I landed on this quote and I got stuck on it… “How could I use this to create a new blog post?”

See, I have been having trouble the last couple of days trying to come up with something to share. I have been reading and listening to people and asking that question every time I absorb something.

It’s one of those weeks where I don’t have much for you, though. I have enjoyed writing for this blog as I have seen people around the world read my posts. That is very encouraging! This motivation hasn’t hit home just yet as none of the ideas that pop into my head seem to be here at the right time to get them onto paper.

To be healthy in one area, you need to be healthy in all areas.

I am also having a tough time to be very personal with God, too. I have been fighting a lot of stress lately and have had many thoughts about my future and my career. I would like to recommend you all who are still in school to never grow up. And for those of you that are far from that part of life, how do you do it? These mental challenges have caused me to fall behind spiritually. It has begun to hurt me in other aspects, as well. I am still reading my bible every night, listening to sermons, and having godly conversations with my friends…

But this is where that quote I brought up earlier comes into the playing field. Something that stuck out to me from the quote was the words, “…illusion of security.”

I can tell you where my “God” is in the picture for my day-to-day life, but where he has dictated my life is completely opposite of that. I could be lying to you without realizing it. I have been doing all of these things and have felt as if I have been talking to a wall. This wall is not being held by anything. It is not a wall to a house or a wall that is fenced around a piece of land… but a wall that is three feet long and is not hiding or protecting anything. You see how pointless this wall is?

Illusion of security.

Working in the service department of a car dealership, I see a countless number of vehicles. In many of these vehicles, there is one thing I find in common. The town that I live in is widely influenced by religion in some way or another. And not just one religion, but many. One of the big religions that many people in my area follow is Catholicism. I’m not bashing Catholics, but I realize that in my area I can easily make the assumption that Catholicism is more by tradition than anything else. People may call themselves Catholic because they were raised in it than anything else. You probably see this with a certain denomination in your town, as well. Though, with Catholicism (again, this is an assumption), a lot of the people that own a car have crosses hanging everywhere. This is obviously an assumption, but I’m not sure if many of these people are really followers of Jesus in their sense. Like the above quote, I wonder if these crosses are simply an illusion of security for some of them. I can only think that this is a similarity with many people around the United States as it is a dominantly Christian nation, yet it seems as if it’s far from it.

See, we may fall into placing an illusion of security in our lives when we become so used to having something around, as I said, by tradition.

I am telling you about this because I don’t want you to fall in these same circumstances. Don’t begin to do things that a Christ follower does just to make yourself think that you are doing fine. Don’t let yourself rot from the inside-out. It won’t be so pretty. Ask yourself if you really believe what you’re doing is out of passion or simply because you know it’s good for you.

At the moment, my story does not end on a high note. Part of digging yourself out of a hole is realizing that you’re in it. May I encourage you to take some time this week and see if you have any “illusions of security” in your life. If something, in particular, came to your head while you were reading this, pray about it. Ask the only one that can get you out of it to help you.

What is your illusion of security?


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