Version 2.0

Changes always occur in life. Whether you like em’ or not, changes will swing by like seasons. Winter is already right around the corner and you are barely trying to adjust to the nuance of Autumn. Changes also occur as updates like when Youtube has a new layout or when they change their logo. Applications on smartphones change about once a year to stay up to date with any of the latest trends. What I am trying to get at is that changes happen.

I personally like change. I like trying new things. I like taking risks. If thought thoroughly and carefully, changes are always going to be for the better. They are at the best intentions of anyone in charge of those new seasons. There is no reason someone would want to do something different if nothing good comes out of it. So, new things can be good even if you don’t know it, yet.

So, why am I talking about change? If you have followed my blog at any point in the past, you will realize that something is different as to what I presume to be for the better. It is not a big change for you, though.

Rough Start…

I would like to talk to you about why I originally created this website earlier this year. For the longest time since I can remember, I have been wanting to write and I have been wanting to create a blog. The idea and the name, “Unfiltered Faith” (the old version of the site), came to me about 2 – 2 1/2 years ago.

The only issue about creating this blog is that I prepared and wanted more than I could handle. The vision that I had (and still have about this site) is too big for me to handle by myself. There are many things that I began to find out that go into maintaining a website and its social media channels. It was nothing surprising, but it was many small things that are hard for one person to take care of, especially when that is not their priority in life. If you don’t know, I am a student and am very involved with a campus ministry as a small group leader. Plus, there is family and other personal matters. The amount of research and preparation that I do per post takes a lot of time and is hard to manage when those other things are going to come first.

So, what now?

This new version of the site is not going to be that much different. Like I mentioned, there is a new name (sort of) and a new logo. I will continue to publish new posts on a semi-regular schedule, but this time, I am not setting any limitations as to what I can post. I have many hobbies and interests that I want to talk about in addition to the normal posts from the past that were simply not suitable for what I had. This will become a more personal blog than a “brand” and it will not be as high-demanding for me.

I hope you guys will begin to enjoy the new content in the future. And I truly believe that this change is for the better.

I will be publishing a new post very soon.

P.S. I will shut down the Facebook Page for the blog, but I will still continue to use my personal Facebook page, as well as my Instagram account. Make sure you guys and girls follow me on both.

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