What are you Hungry for?

Last week, I took part in celebrating Thanksgiving, a United States national holiday. Essentially, people use this day to spend time with loved ones and give gratitude for anything and everything in their lives. It’s not exactly how the holiday or tradition came into fruition, but that’s how it is viewed in the recent past. […]

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Is the Bible Useless?

Usually, the phrase “The Bible says…” is commonly used while evangelizing when mentioning that God loves you or some other statement of knowledge we hold about who God is and what He has done. The use of this phrase has been thrown around so easily and freely that it could possibly hurt your credibility when […]

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God is Not for You.

So, I recently had my Instagram account hacked. I used it one night and the following morning, I couldn’t log into my account. I thought my account was deactivated, but a friend later showed me that it still existed, just under a different username. The hacker changed the username, profile picture, email address and disconnected […]

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Are Books Irrelevant?

No. Alright, that was an easy question to answer. I hope you have a good week. Make sure you follow me on… Alright, alright. The obvious answer to the question is “no”, but I’m not here to only answer that question. 

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Just Keep Swimming

It’s been a few weeks, but as my last post suggested, contrary to the title, I am NOT a quitter. I am simply lacking skills of priority and time management. I struggled in school and I struggle now. Doesn’t mean that I can’t get better. I was going through some mixed emotions over the past […]

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I am a Quitter

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been MIA from this blog for the past few weeks. Everything has a reason behind it. Looking at the title, this post may not be what you think it’s about. I am not quitting the blog. Don’t be absurd for thinking that. I gave myself […]

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Illusion of Security

“A lock on a door simply provides the illusion of security. A thief can still bypass the lock and get into a house.” I figured that this week’s post would be fun to start off with a quote. I was scrolling through many of the things I have written down in Google Keep, one of […]

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Bread of Life

  In Jesus’ ministry, he makes a lot of claims of who he is. These claims such as; I am the door (John 10:7), I am the true vine (John 15:1), etc., show the character of, not only, Jesus, but of God. Reading them at a first glance doesn’t always make sense, but that is […]

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